Lessons learned from falling off the meal planning wagon!

Lessons  learned from falling off the meal planning wagon! I fell off the meal planning wagon!  Over the last 2 months I haven’t been as diligent with meal planning as I should be and it is showing. Here are some of the lessons learned. Lesson 1 My bills have started to rise a little more, […]

Online shopping

10 reason to grocery shop online

Here are 10 reasons to grocery shop on line. In June 2015 I started this blog and in the first article I spoke about how much I saved with online shopping.  Nearly 2 years later, I can still say it is worth the hassle. Yes it was a huge learning curve on how to do […]

Meal prep will change your life

Meal Prep is going to make your life a whole lot easier! Too tired to care At the end of a long day the last thing you want to do is stand in the kitchen peeling and chopping vegetables. Meal prep is the way to go. I don’t cook anything that is going to take […]

Re Brand

Help Wanted for New Beginnings

Help Wanted I need help! When I started my blog “Kashering Your Life”, I did not really expect the response that it received worldwide. The simple blog with which I started has grown into a company and it is now as far as it can go in this configuration. In order for it to grow […]

Envelope Budgeting disadvantages.

There are some disadvantages to envelope budgeting. I am a huge fan of envelope budgeting but, let’s be honest, there are disadvantages as not every system is perfect. 5 Steps to successful Envelope Budgeting Envelope Budgeting- money management for everyone Here are the four biggest disadvantages which I have found The Family: It can be tough to […]

More month than money

When there is more month than money. One of the things I didn’t mention about my adventure into weekly planning is a scenario that I had almost forgotten. Never Ever Again!! This common occurrence happens when there is more month than money! No more money! Before I started meal planning this was a common occurrence.  We would get […]

Budget envelopes

5 Steps to successful Envelope Budgeting

Envelope budgeting is an easy way to create a simple easily manageable plan to monitor your spending. http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/index.php/2015/07/05/envelope-budgeting/ Every month thousands of South Africans struggle not to over spend. They use apps on their phones, spreadsheets on the computer, yet they find it doesn’t help. I say well done for trying, now it is time to […]

3 Steps to Mastering Your Grocery Bill

We all think of a million ways our lives would be better, if only ……, but what are you doing to change this? We all dream of winning the lottery and changing our lives for the better but buying a Lotto ticket only helps a very few. Why not start with changing the way you […]

Are the bills collecting

Last week you made space in your home, or office, to store and file all your bills and statements as well as other important documents. This week I am looking at a separate place for unpaid bills and other important, actionable paperwork. I store my documents for the month in the concertina file but this […]

File Space- Do you have it?

This week’s very late post is about creating a specific place for all that newly and neatly ordered and reduced mail. This includes school notices and other flyers you receive and in which you are interested. You previously sorted old school books and I am sure you have a few empty files lying around. This […]