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How much is enough?

With the Jewish Holidays coming up in a week and December around the corner, I thought,  “How do you judge how much food to make”?  The old joke about a Jewish hostesses dilemma is this – if there are no left overs, then we didn’t make enough food and if there is too much left over, nobody liked the food!

I don’t actually think it is a totally Jewish issue, I think it is a Mediterranean ancestry issue also.

After some research with my friend Google, I found a wonderful little site called www.dummies.com

To help you out, so you don’t have to look for it yourself, or convert from Imperial (US) to Metric (everywhere else in the world), I have done the work for you.

Appetisers with a meal to follow, there should, apparently, be a choice of 4 appetisers, with 6 to 8 pieces per person (this is 2 of each appetiser)

Soft drinks 1 to 2 glasses per hour! (don’t let the guests linger too long)

Soups  1 cup if it is served as a first course

Main course Boneless roasts 250 gm per person.  Roast with bone 400gm per person.  Chicken with bones 350 gm (about 2 pieces) per person.  Chicken without bones 250gm (still about 2 pieces)per person.

Side dishes Potatoes – 1 medium per person, rice and couscous, or quinoa, about 40 gm (around ¼ cup) per person. Vegetables, like carrots and broccoli or beans, about 85 gm (also ¼ cup)

Dessert  Ice cream, 200 gm per person (just under 1 cup). Puddings, also 200gm per person

How this works out for a 10 person yom tov meal is:

20 pieces/ slices of gefilte fish, ½ kg each of chopped herring, Danish herring and 20 pieces of kichel, 8 soft drinks, 2,5 litres of soup, 2-3kg roast or 3,5 kg chicken (3 chickens if it has the bone in), ½ kg rice or other grain type vegetable and ½ kg of other vegetables (remember to serve 1 starch and 2 other vegetables), lastly dessert, 2 litres of ice cream and 2 ½ kg of pudding or fruit salad.

I hope this makes planning your meals easier! Ess gesunteheid! (Eat with health).

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