12 week Meal Planning Course

12 week Facebook workshop! Starting 3 July 2017

This is the ultimate meal planning course. It will save you money and reduce your food wastage. Limited space available. $ 115 for the full course.

Included in the course:

Pre-course one on one 20 minute Skype session. During the Skype session I will go through your expectations and give you a small assignment so that you get the greatest benefit from the course. This will take place in the first two weeks of the course.

Week 1:

Introductions. Meet the others in the group and tell us a little about yourself.

Week 2:

Live Q&A – Discussing diets/ allergies/ fussy eaters.


Get your family to suggest meals that they like or dislike, printable suggestion list for each family member.

What does the family like
Get ideas from your family of what they like to eat

Pantry inventory

Pantry Inventory (2)
What’s in your cupboards?

Week 3:

Live Q&A feedback from my talks with all participants

Setting your weekly/monthly food budget

Printable budget sheets

Monthly Grocery Budget
Do you know how much you spend each week?

Printable sheet to list your favourite stores and suppliers

where is it?
List your favorite stores and what you buy from them

Week 4:

Live Q&A – Feedback on your pre-course homework.

Creating a meal planning template, printable template.

Week 5:

Live Q&A – sharing,

Create your first meal plan, printable planner.

Week 6:

Q &A – how did your first meal plan go?

Looking at your schedule, what extra murals are you running to and from?

A printable extra mural calendar

Create your meal plan for the week, using the new calendar

Week 7:

Live Q&A – did your meal planning and schedule match,

Choosing your recipes

Printable recipe cards

Week 8:

Live Q&A – What are your cooking skill levels and favourite recipe sites-Drawing up a grocery list from your meal plan and recipe choices

Printable grocery list

Week 9:

Live Q&A – How did shopping with your list go?

What quantities do you need per person (printable cheat sheet)

Create your meal plan and grocery list for the week,

Set a weekly budget based on your new meal planning and skills

Week 10:

Live Q&A- Have you noticed a reduction in food waste?

A repeat of week 9, create a meal plan and grocery list,

Set a budget using your meal plan

Week 11:

Live Q&A – Comparing your pre course grocery spend with your last two weeks, have you noticed any savings,

Challenge! Create a 4 week meal plan,

Use your supplier lists to create a grocery list for both fresh and non-perishable items you will need for the 4 week plan

Printable – 4 week meal plan and list

Week 12:

Q&A – Feedback on the challenge, how did your family find the change in eating habits and how did it work for you?

The group will stay open for 1 week after the course, for any questions and discussions you may have.

Lucky draw: Prize to be announced.

20 minute one on one Skype session for feedback and follow up.

To book for this amazing FB course click the link below. From the 26 Auguast to 1 September the course is on special at $90!! To celebrate my 2nd year in business.


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