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Your 2 hour private session has been provisionally booked. Please note that payment is required as confirmation (pay button at the bottom of this page).

Your session is R 600 and includes the following worksheets to complete at home, prior to your session.

Family meals worksheet- This is where you get an idea of what everyone at home loves or hates, food wise. It can be used for toiletry preferences too.

2 hour private session 3

Your Pantry inventory worksheet- This gives you a comprehensive list of everything edible in your kitchen cupboards, fridge and freezer. We use this to start meal planning and help you avoid going to the store unnecessarily.

Pantry Inventory (2)
What’s in your cupboards?

Your Where is It? worksheet- This helps us plan your shopping so that not only do you reduce your petrol consumption but also the amount of time you are forced to spend in the car.

where is it?
List your favorite stores and what you buy from them