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Monthly meal plan

This is a subscription service for meal planning.

You will receive a monthly dinner meal plan (via email) for Mon-Fri, this includes the recipes and the grocery list. The meals are for an average family of 4 (but easily adapted to larger families).

The meals are mostly low GI and healthy, they are low carb but not banting friendly.

The Meals follow the following template.

Monday- vegan

Tuesday- Mince,

Wednesday- vegetarian/fish

Thursday’s and Friday’s alternate between meat and chicken.

Weekends are your own.
If the recipe is not one of my own creations, this will be referenced as to where they can be found or where I adapted them from. 

One meal a week will be a traditional meal.

How it works.

Follow the link to signup, once this is done you will be redirected to the thank you page, you will find the link to the private Facebook group called Meal Planning moms South Africa.

Monthly subscription emails just R 90  per month to make your life easier.

Once you have subscribed, you will automatically be added to the email list

You do not need to be on FB for this subscription. Your plans are emailed to you.

Not in South Africa

This service is open to everyone, in any country, the plans follow the Southern Hemisphere seasons.

Who is this service not for?

If you are banting, then this is not the service for you.

The meals are appropriate for young children but not babies.

No meat or pork

None of the recipes contain pork or shellfish, you are welcome to adjust the recipe where possible.

Recipes that use wine or other alcohol will have substitution suggestions.

Meat recipes do not contain any milk, cream or cheese, I do usually state that what I used instead of dairy.

R90 per month


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