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Workers Day When researching this post, I found an article that stated that 1 May has only been a public holiday in South Africa since 1994. This holiday is meant to be an acknowledgement of all labourers and the working class. It was first brought about by the Second International (originally the Socialist International), a pan-national organization […]

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Today is freedom Day in South Africa but what does this mean? Before I go into the politics of South Africa’s Freedom day, this week Jews around the world celebrated their freedom from slavery. Passover is a reminder that most freedom is hard fought and hard earned and that we should be grateful to be […]

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Human Rights Day was declared a national holiday in South Africa in 1994. It is a bitter sweet public holiday, in which we remember the 1960 Sharpeville massacre but, more recently, it is a celebration of our unique constitution, which gives equal rights to all. This is what I have read and heard about the […]

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