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Thank you, Checkers, for the Xtra Savings! On the 14th October, 2019 Checkers introduced their loyalty card, the Xtra Savings card, and within the first week they had signed up a million people!  I am one of them. The opening savings are, I hope, an indication of the future because those prices were amazing. Unfortunately, […]

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Envelope budgeting

Envelope budgeting has been around for years. There is a good chance that if you asked an older family member they will have either done it or heard about it. I have mentioned envelope budgeting in a few articles in the past and again recently. It is recommended by financial gurus such as Dave Ramsey […]

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Keep your Credit ratings up

‘Cash is king’: If you always pay cash, you don’t get into debt. Somewhere along the way, this has been forgotten. I know I was aware of it before my children were born. Pay Cash My father never bought anything on credit except his house; I think my parents bought their first car on credit […]

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Debt counselling, debt mediation and debt consolidation; these are words bandied about every day. Do you know what they mean? In Phumelele Ndumo’s book ‘Debt to Riches – steps to financial success’ she covers these topics in detail and in a way that is easily understood and, in my opinion, one of the first books […]

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