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Lockdown extended by another 2 weeks, you can help!

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Lockdown extended? What now?

For some the news from President Ramaphosa that in light our county’s safety he has lockdown extended for another two weeks has come with extra worries.

For those in essential services, life goes on. It is still stressful going to work each day not knowing if the next person you deal with is an asymptomatic COVID-19 carrier. While being grateful to be one of those still earning a monthly wage, the fear of what you may be bringing home to your family is very real.

For the majority of the country wondering where the money to feed your family is going to come from is very real. http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/lockdown-shopping-and-covid-19/

For the domestic worker who was sent home to be with her family, while her employer is currently not working, the worry of her next pay package is at the forefront of her mind.

budget with the piggy bankPhoto by Sabine Peters on Unsplash
piggy bankPhoto by Sabine Peters on Unsplash

For the employer who cannot work, the worry of how to help their staff, as well as will they still have their own employment after lockdown.

For companies who can’t afford to pay their staff because they are not trading is a concern.

Fear is a great equaliser. One company has shown that they have an innovative and caring team working for them.

The Shoprite group, which includes Shoprite, Checkers and U-save, have come up with a solution that will allow those who can to assist those who can’t.

Lockdown extended by another 2 weeks, you can help! 1
Vouchers available as digital or card

By offering food vouchers, virtual and physical with different values available. From R 1000 to as little as R50 you can help someone feed their family this week.

So how do you know how much will feed a family?

Here is my estimated cost, based on a list what I feel are essentials to a family of 4, this is for approximately one months’ worth. At the time of writing this post, the specials offered were valid till 17th April. These products are from Shoprite.

I have taken into account that not everyone has a fridge or electricity so except for a few items the majority is non-perishable.

Specials and essentials:

8 x Albany brown bread –R11,99 each

2 x Rama 500gm brick –R20

Ace 5kg mealie meal R 34.99

Combo deal –R300          this includes Tastic Rice 10kg, Cake flour 10kg and 5kg Frozen Chicken pieces

Joko teabags 100 R 29,99

Excella 2l oil        R 37,99

Selati Sugar 2,5kg R36,99

Combo deal Breakfast R80           this includes Morvite, Mabel and Jungle oats 1kg

3 x Koo bean assorted special R30

Fatti’s and Moni’s pasta shapes R 13.99

Rhodes canned veg R13,99

Ellis Brown coffee creamer R28,99

The total for a month’s worth of groceries is a voucher of between R500- R1000.

Even though the vouchers can be for Checkers stores, I found during my research that the Shoprite prices and specials were better valued.

The virtual vouchers can be sent to a recipient’s cell phone number, so no banks or bank charges will apply. https://tickets.computicket.com/event/shoprite%20vouchers%20-%20computicket/7145292/7145306/107235?&utm_medium=search&utm_source=shoprite&utm_campaign=voucher&utm_content=za_shoprite_fs_virtual%20voucher_brandpaign=voucher&utm_content=za_shoprite_fs_virtual%20voucher_brand

I also liked the fact that on both the Checkers and Shoprite home pages you are able to donate to the solidarity fund which will help to feed the poor in the coming months.

The truth is I don’t see the lockdown being lifted in the near future, I think what will happen is that the restrictions will slowly be eased to allow our economy to begin to recover.

I believe that restrictions on social gatherings and for those over the age of 65 will remain in place. Our most vulnerable will be isolated for longer than this lockdown.

Stay home, stay safe, help flatten the curve, so that we have a population of healthy individuals who can help us become a strong and self-sufficient nation and economically viable country in the future.

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