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Aren’t you tired of hearing, ‘there’s nothing to eat’? I know when I started meal planning it was something I heard all the time. Along with ‘there’s no food’ and ‘what’s for supper?’. Inventory I had just changed jobs from a 7-7 (6-8+) to office work where I had time to plan. I decided to […]

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Cookery book

Recipe books and cookery books are here to stay. Even with recipes so easily accessed on the internet, we all have those books we return to over and over again. The ones we inherited from our grandmothers, mothers and aunts. The ones you bought because that particular chef is the trending chef for the season. […]

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Cookery books

Some women have a weakness for shoes. I have a weakness for cookery books, so in answer to the question, most definitely YES they are taking over. Winging it In all honesty, I maybe use half of them over and over, when I use a recipe that is. Even when I look up the recipe […]

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Tech Meal Plan

One of the aspects of meal planning that people often find difficult, is recipe searches and looking for ideas on what to make. Modern technology can help you out here. There are a lot of meal planning apps out there for you to use, some are paid for and some are free.  All are useful […]

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Recipe bank

Meal Plan – The Recipe Bank. You’ve mastered your Meal Plan. You’ve found food that everyone will eat. Now you want and need to remember all these recipes so that you can use them again and never have to worry about who will eat what. The recipe bank This is why you need to create a recipe […]

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Re Brand

Help Wanted I need help! When I started my blog “Kashering Your Life”, I did not really expect the response that it received worldwide. The simple blog with which I started has grown into a company and it is now as far as it can go in this configuration. In order for it to grow […]

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