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The Recipe Bank – Meal Plans

Meal Plan – The Recipe Bank.

You’ve mastered your Meal Plan. You’ve found food that everyone will eat. Now you want and need to remember all these recipes so that you can use them again and never have to worry about who will eat what.

The recipe bank

This is why you need to create a recipe bank that will allow you to easily access those successful meals.

Using this new method to meal plan is making my life a lot easier. Planning now takes even less time.

The lost recipe solution

For me the problem often comes when I make up a recipe.  There is no recipe to find when I want to make it again. I am slowly learning to write my creations into a book.  I now write down where I find good recipes and in which cookbook they were.

Over the years I have made some very successful meals that everyone enjoyed. and then promptly forgot which recipe book it was from. I have hundreds of recipe books!

Recipe books
Only recipe books I use are on this shelf and in my kitchen for easy access

My solution

I recently I bought a notebook with coloured tabs. The first page of each tab is the recipe index for my own recipes and page number where they can be found. This does require you to number each page by hand.

I now write my new recipes into this book and when I find a recipe in a cookbook I write down the name of the recipe, the book and page number, onto the 2nd page of each section.

Recipe bank
Each tab relates to a different category

For example,

The red tab is the chicken recipes I have created.

Cashew nut Chicken pg 1

Soy Slow cooker chicken pg 2

On the reverse page I write down recipes from either cookbooks or the internet.

Chicken Paprikash – One Dish – pg 53

Breaded Chicken breasts – marthastewart.com

The catch to this is that you have to remember to write your recipes down!

How do you keep track of recipes which your family have enjoyed eating?

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