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Fiancial Solvency

All the Financial Solvency options include one on one sessions with me via zoom they also include an online group session in the last week of each month.

If you are drowning in debt, struggling to keep your head above water and dry land seems far away, why not book a free 20 minute call to see how I can help you decide which program is right for you.

Two months after you finish working with me, I will contact you to find out how you are progressing. This is a 20 minute free call.

All the financial solvency programs cover the following topics in varying depths.

  • The truth about your debt
  • Your Financial Picture
  • Creating a budget
  • Paying off your debt
  • Emergency fund vs Savings fund
  • Teaching your children
  • Saving for the future


This is my VIP program. This program has the same one on one sessions and group sessions.

Financial Solvency Programs 1

The program is a full year of working together to shift you from drowning in debt to have your feet on the solid ground towards your financial solvency. Your investment is R12 000 for the year.

3 x 90-minute sessions

As with the other programs our first session is a soon as you start working with me. We look at your history with money, where you currently stand, and what your financial and personal goals are.

You will be given worksheets for this task.

The second session takes place in the middle of the 5th month. During this session, I introduce you to meal planning as a way to reduce your expenses, while still enjoying healthy meals. We also look at the possibility of starting to save.
Meal planning tools and sample meal plans will be supplied to begin this part of your program.

In the 3rd session, we discuss your future. How to go about getting a will, how to decide which insurance and medical aids are best for you (I do not advise you on which policies to take or invest in, I am not a financial advisor).

A worksheet to help you decide what is best for you is part of this session.

6 x60-minute sessions

Your first 60 minutes session is 10-15 days after your very first session with me. It includes some feed back from the first session as well as a worksheet to begin your first budget plan and I share my 3 best debt repayment strategies.

The next four 60-minute sessions take place in the middle of months 3, 6, 8 & 11.

Month 3 – we discover repayment plans, getting your emergency fund started. You will be supplied with a debt payment plan based on your debts as supplied by you.

We look at how much you should in your emergency fund.

In month 6 – we talk childrens allowances and setting up bank accounts for them. Teaching them about money matters in a healthy and safe environment.

During the session in month 8, we look in-depth at good and bad debt and how we can change the way we look at debt, and how to teach our children to plan for their future.

The session in month 11 is about looking for a financial advisor to help you plan for your retirement, your children’s education, and their future financial solvency.

The last 60-minute session is on the last day of the 12th month. We look at your wins, and reshape your strategies going forward to your financial solvency.

12 x 45-minute sessions

Session 1 takes place near the end of the first month and is all about beginning your emergency and savings funds.

The rest of the 45 minutes sessions take place at the beginning of each month, to review and revise your budget as you progress towards financial solvency and stability.

You will be required to fill out a budget worksheet each month to help you learn new habits.

Sign up for our 1 year VIP Stability program and shift from being in debt to standing on the stable ground of financial solvency.

This program is R10 000


R1000 over 12 months



I am not a financial advisor, therefore no advice will be given on what to invest in, what medical aid/insurance, or what long or short-term insurance company you should choose.

I can only guide you, it is up to you to do the work required to get out of debt and obtain true financial solvency.

You will be required to sign a contract for non-disclosure, as all worksheets supplied are for your use only and may not be shared with other parties.

Getting out of debt is a journey over rough seas, it has quite still times where you will make amazing progress, but there are also stormy times where fighting to keep your head above water may seem too difficult, but if you keep up with the ebb and flow of your finances, you will find yourself on solid ground.

There is no guarantee how long it will take you to get to financial solvency, that all depends on how much debt you have and how committed you are to the journey.

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