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Bathroom break

This week we are cleaning our bathrooms.

How often do you clean the outside of your toilet? How often do you wash your shower curtain?

The bathroom is an important room in the house and often goes by the name throne room or reading room, I have also heard it referred to as the thinking space.

To me my bath time is sacred and unless you are bleeding or the house is burning down, I get one hour of uninterrupted time (that’s the plan anyway, I have 4 kids, it seems that a closed door means you must interrupt whatever is happening on the other side repeatedly). So I want my bathroom to be clean and relaxing.

We clean our baths, showers and toilets seats regularly, but there are a lot of areas that don’t get attention and should.

Bathrooms are a great environment for mould to grow; it is often warm and moist in there. Your toilet, especially if you have a little boy gets wet on the outside of the bowl too and so does the mat around the toilet.

Shower curtains are often left to dry by themselves and they also start to get mould formation.


Clean bath or shower after each use.

Wipe down shower doors and curtains to get rid of wet residue

Sweep the floor

Empty the dustbins

Put clothes into the washing basket (if they have landed elsewhere)

Remove anything that doesn’t belong in the bathroom

Change any towels that have make up residue or are dirty


Pour your toilet cleaner in the bowl and let is sit before scrubbing the bowl, wipe down the toilet seat, the lid, the outside of the toilet and the tank.

Clean the vanity around the basin, especially the taps and drain

Clean the mirror

Clean the shower doors or curtains, clean around the taps and drains, wipe the walls.

Mop the floors

Change the towels, some people do this more often

Wipe the tooth brush holder or cup


Clean any cupboards

Check stock of toilet paper, soaps and toiletries

Wash the bathroom mats


Damp mop the skirting boards if there are any, and the window frames and ledges


Clean the grouting between the tiles

Wash the ceiling and doors and door handles

Wash the light fittings and switches.

Do you ever go into someone’s bathroom, when you visit and look in the cupboards? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that if someone is going to do that to you; your bathroom is clean and tidy?

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