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Decluttering your kitchen, if you are me, is not all that easy. I have a lot of kitchen appliances. I love kitchen gadgets!

This week we begin decluttering our kitchen counters.  I have a lot of stuff on my counters.  I have eggs, my mixer, the microwave, some condiments and the vacuum sealer, (which after 15 years only seals and doesn’t vacuum) and that’s just the one counter!

My vacuum sealer is at least 15 years old
My vacuum sealer is at least 15 years old

I remember the first time I did this challenge through Declutter 365, it took longer than 15 minutes but this time round should be quicker.  Also, empty, tidy counters just seem to yell, ‘fill me’, so you will be doing this mission more than once.

I have chosen for us to work on our kitchens now as the Jewish members of the group will be getting ready for Passover and it is a time where our kitchens, in particular, need to be scrupulously cleaned.

Day 1

Look critically at your counters. What do you use every single day? I know I could probably put my mixer away but I use the blender attachment at least once a week.  I don’t have below counter space to store it and on top of the cupboards is both too high for me and, quite frankly, full.

If you can, put away all appliances that you will not be using in the next month.  These can be stored in slightly more difficult to reach places. The appliances that you use weekly should be easily accessible, so under counter storage space could work well, if you have it.

Pack away anything that shouldn’t actually be in the kitchen.

Before and after picture taken for www.keepingitsane.com
Before and after picture taken for www.keepingitsane.com

Day 2

Go through your utensil drawers and see what you don’t need, or is broken, or hasn’t been used since the day it was bought.

Arrange them as neatly as possible, so that when you want something, you can find it easily. For me, ‘the gadget fiend’, this does get interesting. I have some interesting items in my drawers, – a tomato slicer, a julienne tool, an apple corer, and even an egg slicer.  I have managed to resist buying an avocado slicer so far but it is a tough call!

Get rid of broken knives and peelers that don’t work.

This is what some of my drawers used to look like!
This is what some of my drawers used to look like!

Day 3

Small appliances you no longer use, or are broken, will need to be ousted from your newly emerging, organised kitchen space. My burnt out stick blender that burnt out had to go and I threw out an electric carving knife which I have no recollection of ever using, but, since I couldn’t find the blades, it had to go.

This time I really am going to get rid of the yoghurt maker I bought through telemarketing and for whom the ingredients to make this yoghurt are no longer sold in South Africa.

If I keep it long enough, maybe the company will revive it?
If I keep it long enough, maybe the company will revive it?

Day 4

Tablecloths and placemats,  Now you may be like me and don’t keep table clothes in your kitchen.

We use place mats daily and the table cloths, only for special occasions.  This has caused me a few grey hairs because it turns out, I only have one table cloth that isn’t white. Then I have plastic place mats, because, well I don’t know why, but I do. I also have beautiful fabric place mats but, for some reason, I only have 4 (we are a family of 6).  Why did I only buy 4?

All torn or damaged tablecloths must go! There is nothing worse than rushing around, getting ready for guests, taking out a clean tablecloth only to discover that there is a large permanent stain, or even a tear in the cloth, and having to go back for another one. Also, if you have an extendable table like I do, which can close to seat 4 or open to seat 16, you need different sized table cloths. If they are all in one pile there is a good chance you are going to take the wrong one!


If you haven’t joined the Facebook group yet, why not go there and join now?

Since we are only doing 15 minutes a day, miracles are not expected, but why not share your before and after photos and maybe give those who are stuck, some inspiration?

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