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DVD or video

As with last week’s task, 4 children, 25 years of marriage, my video and DVD collection is epic! We actually still have a working VHS machine.

DVD’s and Videos have to go!

It is time to clear out the collection. We really no longer need Noddy, Teletubbies, Pepper Pig, Bob the Builder and assorted friends. There are also CD’s of games and encyclopaedias for operating systems that are no longer available on computers today.

Getting rid of some of this is going to be very interesting as half the collection is VHS and half DVD. Also, not all the DVD’s are still playable.

Damaged goods

Once again, the first step is going to be getting rid of any discs that are damaged beyond repair. Some will need to be put into a machine and checked physically and that will be an interesting task because who gets to watch all those movies?

Over the years DVD and CD’s get badly damaged when children fail to put them back in the covers after changing to watch something else.  A different problem which I also found was that some of the DVD’s were in the wrong covers.  This might take a little while to sort out.  Also some DVDs have covers and no disc and some discs have lost their covers altogether.

Some of VHS cassettes are classic movies that I really don’t want to get rid of like Singing in the Rain, Mary Poppins, Show Boat, Oklahoma to name but a few. We are also in possession of the entire James Bond collection, half in VHS and half on DVD format. If I even try to get rid of that, there will be a major revolt in my home! From my husband who knows almost the entire dialogue in every James Bond movie up until the 90’s, to my son who knows the stats to every car that the various James Bond’s ever drove!

Bonded for life
Bonded for life

It is time to sort your collection and find a good place to store them.  Ours are on the bookshelves together with the books.

The right stuff

Remember when getting rid of DVD’s, CD’s and VHS cassettes, you must ensure that the place you will be donating to has the means to use these like a TV, cassette player, DVD player or computer. There is no point in donating to an institution that cannot make use of the gift.  On the other hand, you could always give your unused VHS player, DVD player, TV or computer along with your donations if you can.

Have a great week. I would love to see pictures of your before and after.  Please post them on the Facebook page “we’re getting sorted”.


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