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2018 Family Calendar

Family Calendar

The family calendar is a central focus of the home. This allows everyone to see what is happening at a glance.   It is the big picture. Things like birthdays and anniversaries, public holidays, school terms and other major events.   It can also include activities which happen on a regular basis, such as weekly extra-murals.

Our home calendar includes things like my blog posting schedule,. (in the hope that I will manage to stick to it). It also includes the Jewish holidays, birthdays and any speaking events or workshops as they are booked.

Family organising calendar
Help stay on top of the families busy schedule with a calendar.

Emergency Numbers

On my wall calendar I have also included emergency numbers, like the Security Company, ambulance, parents and grandparents and also, in my case, my two oldest children’s numbers, as they both have driver’s licenses and can be contacted in cases of emergencies.


If you have appointments with doctors and dentists and other specialists, these can also be added to the calendar.   I have used different colours for different events on mine to make it easier to see what is happening at any given time.

I have also written, my son’s travel times on mine as he has a part time job that requires him to travel a lot.

In a busy home with lots of things going on this is a good idea. I often forget to look in my personal diary.

Party time

For a family with small children it is also a good place to write down class parties. We used to stick the invitations on the fridge but invariably they would be pulled off before the date. I wrote the birthday child’s date on the calendar and then the details in my personal diary. That way even if the physical invite vanished, there was still a reminder.

In today’s technological times, invitations often arrive via email. Yes, you can save it to your calendar on your phone and possibly share it with your spouse but as the saying goes – ‘out of sight, out of mind’, so writing it on the ‘wall’ so to speak it keeps you aware of you social responsibilities.

Other things to write on your calendar would be tax dates (I will write more about that later in the year). Having the date when taxes must be in will help you organize your documents on time, we hope.

What’s on yours?

What sort of thing would you write on your family Calendar?

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