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How many do you have?

I am waking up a bit late!  These things have been in my house for 2 months, and you all know what I am talking about! I hope the marketing genius who came up with these has lots of young children in their life!

Yep, that’s right. Stikeez!

This was a good marketing campaign from Pick n Pay; they got us to spend more money by playing with our parenting instincts because they know we want to make our kids happy.  Now what happens when you have more than one kid collecting these things? Chaos, that’s what.

Some mom’s are really clever and they have started swopping them, making everybody happier. Who gets to explain to the little ones why they can’t get anymore when the campaign is over?

So how many do you have? Now instead of looking at them as a ‘free’ gift with your shopping, look at them from a spending viewpoint.  You had to spend R 150 to earn one, now count them and multiply them, what did you spend last month? You do get to subtract the ones the grandparents gave.

Did you spend more than expected to get them? Did you go to the shops less so that you could spend enough to buy them or did it not affect you at all?

Let me know how these stikeez affected your budget?

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