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I am done!

The 30 day blogging challenge is over! I am done! Back to normal, but a better normal, I hope.

During the last 30 days, I have learnt a lot of new tricks and techniques, which I hope have improved your reading experience, because they have certainly taught me a few new things about blogging.

I learnt to use an online program called Canva, which will help me create adverts and campaigns. My Chai FM interview announcement was designed on Canva.

My first poster/advert created using Canva
My first poster/advert created using Canva

I learned that I am not good at writing controversy, my post ‘Devil’s Advocate’ and the ‘Paleo Diet’, didn’t garner any controversy at all! In fact, one comment even agreed with my opinion!


I learned about the importance of outlining a piece of writing as we did in school for essays. It has made it easier and quicker for me to write blog posts.

Writing headlines is always going to be something I struggle with but, at least, I know what they should be like.

I was reminded of a few things I already know, and thankfully practice, which is ethics. Remembering to give credit where credit is due. If I want you, the reader, to trust in my advice, then it must be my own, or I must acknowledge the person/company whose advice I am sharing.

create your own recycling centre, this picture is thanks to borealisblog.com
create your own recycling centre, this picture is thanks to borealisblog.com

I learned about not following others blindly, because what they are doing may not be the right thing for you.

I discovered so many things during this challenge; one of the ones that stood out is that I can write on demand. I have once again been made aware that almost all of the free courses I do, especially the ones that are 7 days long and longer, are excellent because you know that the person or company offering the course has put effort into it.  It is how they generate more business and these are the courses that are going to help me grow my business and theirs.

The most important thing I have learned from doing this 30 day business blogging challenge is that I have loyal readers, who have put up with almost daily blog posts in their inboxes, instead of just a few each week.  Not one a single person unsubscribed!

Thank you everyone, Sarah Arrow of sarak emedia for offering this course, mom for editing at the last second, my family and, of course, those of you reading these posts.

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