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I Theme tonight

Vareniki- a russian dumpling, ravioli type meal, this was an epic fail

Theme ideas for meal plans are a great way for adventurous home cooks to expand their repertoire.

love it or hate it

Also for those who don’t enjoy cooking, it is a way to add ideas to your cooking.

Over the years my themes have changed and some have become part of my meal plan template. The meat-free theme is now my standard Monday Vegan meal.

Around the world in food

This year I have chosen the theme of around the world. I have chosen a different country for each week.

This way not only do I stretch my cooking skills but my family and I get to learn about different countries.

What are the traditional dishes? Does the country have more than one dish, occasionally I have found a country whose traditional dish is most unappealing to look at never mind try and cook!

The theme works well as I only make one meal a from that country on the day that it fits in with my template.

Another way this could work for you is if you like to eat out, why not find restaurants that cater to different cuisines.

The adventure would not only be in trying the new foods but also in searching out new places to eat.

Teach the children

Get children involved in looking for countries and foods to try is a great way to a fussy eater interested in trying new flavours.

It also teaches children where foods come from and how they are made. It is surprising how many people don’t know that tomato sauce is actual tomatoes and that french fries are made from potatoes and don’t come from France, or even that crisps are made from potatoes.

No fish at work
Japanese night, sushi for supper! Photo by Mike Fox on Unsplash

How adventurous are you in you cooking and your eating? For more articles go to http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/dinner-theme/

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