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My Cupboard Adventure

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I took my own advice this week and Konmari’d my cupboard!

My Cupboard Adventure 4

I definitely owned far too many clothes, some of which date back a minimum of 11 years and some even older!

The hardest part about this was that a few of the things I really liked but don’t fit into anymore. I didn’t throw everything out!

I have a favourite white linen outfit that I have worn once a year on Yom Kippur, for the last, I forget how many years. That was not going anywhere! I also kept two dresses that once again nearly fit me, 2 kg more and they will fit perfectly.

Any clothes with stains that I loved, went into the wash with stain remover.  If it didn’t come out, it was put into the box! Anything I didn’t absolutely love also went into the box.

I improvised a new hanger system for clothes that couldn’t hang properly.

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I folded my drawers the way the Konmari method suggested and it definitely works.

My Cupboard Adventure 7

I still have to do my hats and scarves and my shoes, then it is all done!

My Cupboard Adventure 8

The boxes are full and waiting to go to charity and Jumble, they are stored outside.  I will only sort this once I have got my husband to sort his cupboard and go through the kids cupboards as well.

I am not surprised the Konmari method recommended starting with your cupboards first. It wasn’t that hard to do, even with the few clothes that I have an emotional attachment to.

We may never be short of hangers again!

My Cupboard Adventure 9

When was the last time you cleaned out your clothes cupboards? I would love to hear how you do your sorting.

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