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Never Ever Again!

Never again! Never again will I try to do anything but monthly planning and shopping!

My trial!

Over the last two months I decided to try out weekly and fortnightly meal planning and shopping and I hated it and so did my family.

I forgot to plan the meals; I forgot to load the shopping onto the online site and I had to do a week’s worth of shopping either on a Sunday, or worse, after work.

Monthly menu plan

I have said this over and over and people who know me, know that I HATE the COLD!!!

Weekly or Monthly?

This weekly shopping thing was a nightmare! I either had to shop after work or on a Sunday morning, when all I wanted to do was go home and get warm.

The result of this was that half the time whatever meal I had planned, I didn’t have the ingredients needed because I hadn’t yet been to the shops. Now I had to go digging in the cupboard where I barely had any ingredients because I hadn’t been shopping; now I had to find something nutritious to cook for my family to eat.

When the cupboard is bare
When the cupboard is bare

In between all of this cold and chaos, my mom got very ill and, just as she got better, I hurt my knee and was on crutches for a week. I was stressed out, in pain and cold and then was still expected to go shopping!

Reluctant cooks

I do have children old enough to actually cook something but, let’s be realistic – getting a reluctant teenager to do anything is a ‘mission impossible’.

One almost set fire to my kitchen after leaving the kitchen to do something else and forgot the food on the stove. I blew the budget by getting take out twice in one month, just to avoid the irritation of it all.

Getting distracted while cooking-reluctant chef
Getting distracted while cooking-reluctant chef

School lunches were interesting, with one lunch being bread with homemade mayonnaise and homemade pickles; the real surprise was that they actually liked it.

Sanity is bound to return

Everything is back to normal at last.  So now I want to know how often do you shop? How often would you like to shop? I would love to hear from you as to what meal planning and shopping tips you would like to learn about and what tips you have to share with us?

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