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Why a meal plan is important when you diet

The diet plan

A 7 day meal plan is included in practically every diet known to woman kind and a few men.

Every diet has one
Almost all diets come with a meal plan

Dieticians draw one up for you, Weighless® and Weight Watchers® have full books of weekly meal plans. Then there is The Real Meal Revolution, the Atkins diet, the Hollywood diet and about 100 others. Also the diet for bodybuilders who are trying to build muscle, they also have to stick to a strict eating regime in conjunction with their weight training.

Body Building
Serious contenders meal plan too

Why do they all have meal plans? The answer is simple, knowing ahead of time what you are going to eat for the week helps you better to stay on track.

While nothing will beat will power itself, it is still easier to stick to your diet with a meal plan.

Meal planning for good eating habits

When I first started meal planning for my family, it had more to do with budgeting, food waste and time management than anything else. Once we started this new way of life, my husband and I stumbled across a benefit that was obviously known to those who create these diets. We both lost weight!

It doesn’t matter if you are with a dietician, following a popular diet or trying to go it alone. Meal planning is the best way to start your new healthier lifestyle.

An important step to meal planning for weight loss is to plan right after breakfast. This is because you are no longer hungry and you will be able to plan with your brain instead of with your stomach. If you are not hungry, you will make better food choices on your plan.

1, 3, or 6?

For most households, planning dinner is often enough but if your plan is for weight loss or weight control, it is important to plan not only your 3 meals for the day but also your snacks.

This planning also helps if you are combining good eating habits with gym. You can plan your carb intake to coincide with your cardio workout and your protein intake to fit in with your weight training.

Understanding the basics of calorie control and the difference between good and bad carbs will help you plan your meals better.

Are you trying to get healthy or lose weight this year? Why not try a meal plan, whether it is from the dietician, or a book, or you are doing it yourself? Without it you will get nowhere.

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