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Sleeping on the job!

In the past I have covered cleaning the Entrance hall and dining room, the lounge and the kitchen. This week I am looking at the bedrooms.

I have a large house with enough bedrooms for everyone, yet my two youngest, LB and AT, insist on sharing! So now we also have a playroom and a TV room.

The mess in the playroom and bedroom used to be so bad sometimes that I tried telling my domestic not to clean them for a few days and see what the girls say then!  However, she just wouldn’t (or couldn’t) do it! The playroom was LB’s room so we left the desk there and it has a spare bed.  Her clothes are still in the cupboard in this room but they usually end up strewn all over the bed as she chooses what clothes to wear every day. She is at a school which doesn’t have a uniform. AT often sits on the desk in the room and plays there as there is no room to play on the floor. Every time I try to declutter toys, I make the mistake of asking the girls to go through their stuff and get rid of things they no longer use. It hasn’t worked! They keep finding stuff and then playing with it. The playroom is over crowded!

With my new approach to life, I went to the crazy store and bought collapsible washing bags. This has helped slightly. Instead of having one washing basket in the bathroom it is now easier to tell them to move their dirty clothes from the floor to the basket as there is one in the room. I am still struggling with shoes all over the house.  Also, the bands for the loom stuff!  I am finding little elastics in the strangest places. The Friday basket has helped somewhat, but I suspect my domestic takes stuff out to put back in the kids rooms. See last week’s post “Do you scurryfunge?”

Slowly, very slowly, my house is coming right, it may take a year, but it will get there!

I have included a basic cleaning schedule for bedrooms below:


Make the beds

Sweep the carpets or floors

Check clothes before they go into the washing machine for tears and stains. Treat the stains and fix any tears.


Change linen on all the beds

Vacuum the carpets or damp-mop the floors

Lift the beds and clean underneath

Damp-dust all the ledges and window sills


Sort through the clothes and tidy the drawers and cupboards

Damp-dust the skirting boards

Every 3 months wash the windows


Wash the doors and door handles (this includes cupboards)

Sort the through cupboards and change over clothes to the new season

Wash light fittings and switches

Turn the mattresses


Wash carpets or clean the grouting between tiles

Wash walls and ceilings

Hope this helps everyone.

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