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What are you serving?

Rosh Hashonah, it’s here. What are your plans? Have you ordered your meat? Do you know what you are making?

Yom Tov is always special, even for those who don’t keep Shabbat, as we make an extra effort with food and table settings.

For the first time ever, I know what I am making and the meat is ordered and the menu drawn up in my note book.

Here is my menu for the nights. For lunches it is usually cold meats and leftovers. I make everything myself and I have posted the recipes on the blog. My mom makes the gefilte fish balls as it is the one thing I have never managed to master!

Apples and honey

Round Challah (without raisins!)


Chopped Herring

Danish Herring

Gefilte fish balls



Chicken soup with kneidel or perogen

Main course 1st night

Green Salad

Chicken with chutney gravy

Basmati rice

Baby marrow

Sweet carrots

Main course 2nd night

Green Salad

Bollo with brown onion gravy

Potato kugel

Gem Squash



Neopolitan ice cream

Fruit Salad.

There are a few extra things I do extra for Yom Tov. One these things, when there are more guests than Susual is name places. Is there something that you do that is special?

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