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What inspires you?

I belong to a Mommie’s Facebook group and one of the mothers has a ‘what’s for dinner’ post each night. My kids think I am nuts taking a photo of supper every night. What I really like about the ‘what’s for dinner’ posts is that sometimes, when I am tired, this gives me my inspiration not to make a half-hearted attempt at dinner but to show off my cooking skills. Now, if only my food photography skills would match my cooking skills!

Tuesday night cottage pie
No cheese on my cottage pie

Obviously, because I keep kosher, my meals are kosher and I occasionally use a milk or cream substitute. Feel free to use the real thing, if you prefer.

I have decided to do something a little different and show you what we are having for the week. This will include the recipe for each meal.  I will cover from Thursday night to Wednesday night each week.

I have a main template that helps me plan my menus for a month.

Monday: Meat free Monday, usually has pasta as the main ingredient and even, occasionally, I get to throw in some fish that isn’t tuna! Recipe for this meal http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/index.php/recipes/not-chicken-and-rice-from-my-kitchen/

Vegetarian chicken strips with milk substitute to make the gravy. Meat and dairy free
Vegetarian chicken strips with milk substitute to make the gravy. Meat and dairy free

Tuesday: Mince Meat is the main ingredient, whether it is old fashioned spaghetti bolognaise, or a cottage pie or the exotic, like Taco’s and the American classic of sloppy Joes. I enjoy testing how far I can take simple mincemeat! The recipe for the picture below http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/index.php/recipes/sweet-bolognaise/

Spaghetti bolognaise, I try different recipes each time
Spaghetti bolognaise, I try different recipes each time

Wednesday: Something quick and easy to make because I do not have much time as I teach a jewellery and beading class from 7:30.

I made the burger patties from scratch
I made the burger patties from scratch

Thursday: This is my tester night, I try to make something that I have never made before and, for inspiration, I look for a recipe from a different country each time.

Friday: Friday night is the start of Shabbat, so the meal is pretty much set in stone. Soup, roast/chicken, rice or couscous and 2 veg and, occasionally, I break down and make dessert.

Food for Friday night needs to be cooked before sunset
Food for Friday night needs to be cooked before sunset

Saturday: Shabbat ends on Saturday night and we usually had a big meal for lunch, so whatever is left over is for supper.

Sunday: This is my day off! For lunch we usually have a big meal at my parent’s home in which my mom over caters and my kids eat like they will never see another meal again. So it is egg night and usually either my youngest or oldest cooks the eggs.

This week we started with me asking my domestic to make macaroni and cheese because I knew it was going to be a long day at work and so we, literally, had macaroni mixed with cheese! My son says if I had asked for lasagne we would have had a delicious macaroni dish with tuna, broccoli and cheese mixed in!  Apparently that is what she thinks lasagne is. Oh well, live and learn!

Tuesday night saw a new bolognaise recipe, with not a scrap of food  left over. You can follow this link and find the recipe. http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/index.php/recipes/less-mince-for-more-meatloaf-novice/ I use this basic recipe for everything from meatloaf to Taco’s

Another version of bolognaise
Another version of bolognaise

Wednesday we had homemade chicken burgers for supper (recipe at this link). I slice tomato, avocado, onions and mushrooms into individual dishes, lettuce leaves onto a plate and everyone puts their own burger together. Sauces are also on the table.


Thursday this week is pizza take away for the kids as my husband and I are going to a charity dinner together (we get a date night once a year!).

Feel free to print and share any of the recipes you find on the blog. I would love to see some of yours, so here’s to a “what’s for dinner” post on my blog Monday to Thursday. Post pictures of your meals anytime.

Bon Apetite!

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