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Where did the money go?

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Where did the money go?
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Do you ever ask yourself, ‘where did the money go?’ In the morning you went to the ATM and drew a fair amount of cash and then opened your wallet at the end of the day to realise there is nothing left?

Where did the money go?

Where did the money go? It goes so quickly when you don’t consciously plan what to do with your cash.

If you are used to using a card for everything then money loses its significance. If you are consciously budgeting your cash, using either envelope budgeting or one of many budgeting apps then you will probably know where the money went.

envelope budgeting
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How do you make your money last longer? It’s the small changes that make the biggest difference.

how much money did you throw away?

When you get that little piece of paper on your till slip that says R5 off your next purchase, what do you do with it?

In the past you were able to give it to the car guards but now it has to be used with the card. So do you keep it and use it on your next shop or do you think, ‘It’s only R 5’ and throw it away?

Snap n Save app can be used at many stores

Are you aware of coupons in South Africa? The R1.25 that you get in your wallet from snapNsave when you buy butter or margarine, the R11 off your dove shampoo on Wuhu deals, the 15% off on the NoName frozen veg, the R 6 you get off when buying chips and pretzels at Woolworths if you use the loyalty card and coupons all add up.http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/how-to-coupon-in-south-africa/

In fact at the time of writing this blog post, buying butter from Woolworths would save me R8 and get me R1.25 in my pocket to use at a later date. Buying bread using Wuhu deals and snapNsave would get me R1.80 off the loaf of bread and R 1.25 into my pocket.

Here’s what would happen to my grocery bill if I used the apps and loyalty cards. I haven’t added vitality or bank rewards like ebucks into the equation.http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/more-month-than-money/

I have used PnP prices for everything except the butter as with my WW discount it is less than the NoName butter.

Product Cost SmartShopper WW loyalty Wuhu deals SnapNsave
Blue ribbon bread R13.99     1.8 R1.25
Nulaid eggs 18’s 49.00       R1.25
NoName milk 2l 24.99       R1.25
WW butter 500gm 69.98   R8   R1.25
Oaties cereal R43.37       R5
Lancewood cheese spread R54.00+/-       R10
Fry’s butternut balls R49.99       R2.5
Baby marrow punnet R19.99 R3.10      
Frozen mixed veg NoName R 24.99 R3.5      

Shopping list:

Total without discounts = R350.30

Total with Instore discounts = R330.90

Cashback into SnapNsave wallet = R22.50 (this money goes into the app and can be withdrawn and used anywhere)

You took R19.40 off your grocery bill and you earned R22.5 in one shop. Imagine if you could do this every week/month.

Now, where did the money go? Even if you only got this amount off and back each month, within 12 months you will have reduced your grocery bill by R232.80 and will have saved R 270.

Bread is always on Wuhu deals but it limits you to 4 white and 4 brown loaves per month. SnapnSave also always have bread on, you get cashback on one loaf per week.

Smart shopper and Woolworths are partially based on what your usual shopping is and what they want you to buy.

If you start to use the coupon apps properly you won’t have to ask ‘where did the money go’, you will know it went into your pocket!

Coupons are a great way to save money

Do you use coupons? Did you even know that South Africa had such a thing? Would you prefer physical coupons or are you happy with the apps? Join the group, learn more about saving, share your experiences https://www.facebook.com/groups/iamdebtfree/

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