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How do Bad habits in household management let you down?

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Bad habits
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Bad habits

Do you realize that bad habits aren’t just smoking, not exercising, or eating too much junk food? You can develop poor household management habits as well.

The bad habit of putting off household chores, leads to clutter build up and takes your home from being a relaxing environment to a stressful one.

Putting off tasks for another day can lead you to be overwhelmed with household chores. Clutter and disorganisation can spill over from one room to another very quickly. http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/house-all-in-a-clutter/

Here are some habits that lead to the buildup of clutter:

kitchen drawer


  • Shopping without a list- you will buy items you don’t need
  • Buying things on special, just because they are on special, may lead to overbuying. Do you have enough storage space?
  • Not cleaning out your refrigerator regularly can lead to illness as well as your fridge smelling bad.
  • Untidy cupboards in your kitchen can make cooking or baking an unpleasant task.
  • Cluttered kitchen counters are an eyesore and can lead to not wanting to cook.
  • Dirty dishes, which are left around the kitchen sink or above the dishwasher look unsightly.


How do Bad habits in household management let you down? 1

Depending on the configuration of your home, this may all be one space or individual rooms.

Most people enter their home through this area and have a habit of dumping everything right there. Eg.,

  • School bags- someone is likely to trip over it
  • Scarves and gloves in winter- you are probably going to lose something
  • Mail if you still receive post- you may miss a bill
  • Socks and shoes (especially with young children)- we have enough trouble with the washing machine eating socks.
  • Keys, change, and slips of paper- how long do you spend looking for your keys?
How do Bad habits in household management let you down? 2


  • Clothes that no longer fit- why do you keep them?
  • Clothes which are broken- please tell me you don’t wear them
  • Old shoes- how many pairs do you need?
  • Broken jewelry
  • Personal papers- how old are they?
  • Old toiletries or makeup- these have an expiry date!
How do Bad habits in household management let you down? 3
The bathroom counter seems to collect all sorts of things!


  • Old toiletries – they also expire
  • Empty shampoo bottles- why?
  • Old toothbrushes- again why?
  • Old razors- and again why?

If you don’t have a routine in place to keep the clutter at bay, then you have poor household management habits.

I am not saying we should all have magazine cover perfect houses, but as an offender, I believe that there can be a balance. We need to motivate ourselves and others.

Housekeeping Calendar
Housekeeping calendar

A simple routine that can be divided amongst family members or to guide your domestic help will make life easier.

As this is a series on clutter expulsion, I hope that we will all benefit. I will be posting my progress as we move through the different areas of our homes.

Let’s get out clutter out and make life simpler.

While ideally, I would love to suggest going out and buying organisers, my blog is concerned with staying in budget.

I will be looking at creative ways to reuse or recycle what I have in my home and encourage you to do the same.

If you can budget for organisational systems I will try and advise you on the different products out there and how to decide what would work for you. Also where to find them!

Try and stick to one kind per room/cupboard, if you are able to buy. Old shoe boxes and other boxes are great to reuse, just cover them with gift wrap to make them look pretty.

Household management is about staying on top of your household chores. Wouldn’t it be interesting if household management was taught at school?

Please join the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/gettingsortedand post your pictures, just as I will.

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