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Winning tactics for organising the bathroom cupboard

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cluttered bathroom cupboard
This was my bathroom cupboard

Bathroom cupboards

Bathroom cupboards are a great place to begin sorting and getting rid of clutter.  The reason I am starting by decluttering the bathroom cupboards is that they are small and easy to clear. http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/bathroom-clutter/

One thing I have learned over the years is to create ‘zones’ to help you decide how to organise your spaces.

Here are some suggestions for your bathroom

  1. Mouth care – this is toothbrushes, kinds of toothpaste, floss, mouthwashes and other items that go in your mouth.
  2. Body- this would be lotions, powders and deodorants, waxes and shavers
  3. Hair- hair care products, brushes and combs

Luckily I already had some containers, so that is what I have used.  Ideally, I would love to get clear plastic containers with dividers.  These will need to be planned for in my budget at a later date.

You can get from either https://www.westpacklifestyle.co.za/products/draw-organizer-41-5×17-3x10cm or from https://www.takealot.com/drawer-organizer-clear-plastic-storage-containers-set-of-6

Now it is time to get organised.

There are three steps, according to “The Home Edit” team. First is the Edit, a word I much prefer to the often-used word ‘purge’ when talking about getting rid of clutter.

This week we are doing the bathroom cupboard.

Take everything out of your cupboard; it is time to edit.

Check all your expiry dates.  I found products which had expired in 2015!

I also found 15 toothbrushes, that appeared to have had some wear.

I found four empty toothpaste tubes, assorted soap bars, which for personal germophobic reasons I don’t use in my home.  I only have liquid soap in the bathrooms

bathroom cupboard clutter
Time to throw out!

 The second step is to categorise your items. How you do this depends on you, your cupboard size and the containers you are using.

My containers are small, so I had to use broad categories. The cupboard looks better, but unfortunately, I didn’t have big enough containers, so there is some overflow. There is also wasted space behind the containers as my cupboard would fit long container boxes best.

Container sizing is vital for your third step. You need to measure your cupboard depth, height, and width. These measurements will ensure that you buy the right size for the area and will allow you to fit everything together neatly.

Now it is time for step three, containment. Before putting the containers in the cupboard, put everything in each category into its own space.

Winning tactics for organising the bathroom cupboard 1
My tidier cupboard

 Remember that if it doesn’t fit in the container, you may need to ask yourself some questions. Do I use it? If the answer is yes, the next question is, how often. If you don’t use it or you don’t use it often, then the question is, do I need it or do I want it?

First aid kits and medication should not be kept in your bathroom cupboards. Keeping plasters and antiseptic in the bathroom is fine, however, bathrooms get hot and damp after showering and this can affect medication.

Feel free to organize in a way that makes sense to you. Please remember to share your pictures in the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/gettingsorted.

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