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I survived Friday 13th and all the other days!

Looking back at this past week, filled with ups and downs all over the world, not following your menu plan seems like such a silly thing to write about but our lives go on regardless and people must eat.

The menu for the blog week started on Thursday night with the plan being Boerewors kebabs/ sosaties.  For my non-South African readers, a Boerewors directly translated means a farmer’s sausage, but that’s not what it is. Boerewors is a South African Traditional dish, with national competitions to see who can make the best sausage. It is made from ground beef, lamb or pork, and  is filled with spices and, occasionally, it is a combination of meats which must contain 90% meat, otherwise it’s just simply a sausage.

Kebabs - Copy

I served my kebabs with baked potato and mushy peas and I made enough for 2 kebabs per person, 3 for my husband and son, with extra’s just in case. We needed the extra’s.

Friday was a very busy day.  It started early with me taking my eldest daughter to write her learners license test.  Happily, she passed and now I will have 2 children on the road! I quickly ran in to work to see a patient and then my daughter and I went to another appointment which lasted forever! From there I went to the printers for some exciting plans and merchandise for the blog. Keep following! Supper was cold cucumber soup, chicken pieces with Spur Grill and Basting sauce, which I had put in the slow cooker in the morning before we left. For sides I made spiced instant couscous (Trochamare) with frozen mixed vegetables and a green salad. For desert my kids love Alpro dairy free custard and canned fruit salad.

Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th

Saturday night was left over chicken made into chicken mayonnaise snackwiches. Sunday we had a delicious lunch at Michelo’s pizzeria to celebrate my mom’s birthday and then to her house for tea, so supper for me was fish paste on toast and the others had scrambled eggs.

For meat free Monday, I made a dish that I call Mediterranean chickpea pasta. I am happy to say the experiment was a hit with 5/6 enjoying it and number 6 saying she didn’t like the chickpeas. So she gave them to her brother and then enjoyed the pasta without the chickpeas.

chickpea, tomato, onion and garlic with small pasta shells
chickpea, tomato, onion and garlic with small pasta shells

Tuesday my #4 child had requested mince pie  I have never heard of mince in a pie ( but how hard could it be), so using pie basics I made a mince pie. Actually I made 2:-  1 large and 1 small. I managed to save a slice for my husband who was out at the launch of the James Bond movie.

Mince pie made easy
Mince pie made easy

Wednesday, I had planned for falafel and pita, something quick and easy.  Or at least it would have been if I had the falafel mix in the freezer.    it turned out that I had forgotten that I re-used the tub for something else! I also got home from work very late and I had an hour to make and eat supper and set up the table for my jewellery class and fetch my husband from work in between. So instant minestrone was developed! I served this with the tortilla nachos, which I had made for the kids lunch. Thankfully, enjoyed by all!

Wed 18

Tonight is supposed to be Indian cuisine, I am not yet sure what I am going to make as everything I looked at is too spicy for my younger kids. So it will be a surprise for you and me!

Let me know if you try one of the recipes and how it turned out for you. Remember my recipes are simple and quick; I don’t have time for fancy or complicated.

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