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Night routine

For some parents, the night routine is the most important routine of all. Everyone is tired, children from the busy day of playing and learning and parents from working, whether at a paying job or just keeping the house from falling down. A routine will help settle things down, keep you from losing patience and […]

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Routine Chaos

Having a set routine will not do away with this altogether but it should reduce the morning mayhem significantly. I have previously written about creating a daily routine for children and thought it was time to focus on the parents. I have thought about this carefully and even ‘mostly’ tested it myself during these […]

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Mornings in most homes is absolute chaos. Mine used to be no different. Change is good 5 years ago I changed jobs and started working more reasonable hours. Mornings for me where a nightmare of disorganisation. Everyone rushing around at the last minute looking for missing books, shoes, lunches, etc. For some reason […]

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