Sign up for our 6-month program and shift from being in debt to floating with your head above the water, and financial solvency on the horizon ahead. This program is R3500 for 6 months.

The 6-month program includes the monthly free group session, a basic budget template, and a debt repayment plan template

2 x 90-minute sessions.

The first session takes place as soon as you sign up, here we will find out your truth and your financial picture and how to shift your financial mindset. You will be given a worksheet and some tasks to prepare for your next session.

The second 90-minute session is in your 3rd month where we celebrate your progress, look at how your debt repayment strategy is working, and how meal planning can help you reduce your monthly spending even more.

3 x 60-minute sessions

The first 60-minute session happens 10 days after your first session this is where I help you set up a budget that is unique to your family, using the worksheet and the tasks you were given, and I share 3 strategies that have worked for me to begin paying off that debt.

Your second 60-minute session is in the middle of your third month. Here we look at setting up an emergency fund, allowances and bank accounts for children according to their ages and your financial ability.

In the third 60-minute session, which takes place in the middle of the 5th month, we discuss wills and where to find insurance packages that are right for you. We also follow up on how your debt repayment is coming.

The fourth and final 60-minute session takes place at the end of your 6 months. We recap your progress and make sure that you have a workable plan for your future.

4 x 45-minute sessions

Session one happens around the middle to end of the first month. We discuss debt repayment strategies and how to start an emergency fund. You will be given a worksheet to record your debt.

The other sessions take place at the beginning of each month to review your budget and make adjustments, as well as reviewing your meal plans.