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On the evening of the 2 November 2105 I am hosting a 2 hour workshop, to help you learn to plan your weekly and monthly menus. Includes tips on planning for diets, fussy eaters and medical conditions such as diabetes. Seating is limited, and booking is essential. Cost is R 350.00 per person Tea will be […]

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I was blessed with a husband who eats anything, as long as it isn’t raw celery and doesn’t move.  My kids, for the most part, also eat pretty much whatever you give them. So when I was asked about how to feed fussy eaters, I had to do some serious research. Here’s what I found […]

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This is a delicious tomato soup that I adapted from Woolies Babies recipe book “meals for babies and toddlers” . I bought the book in 1997 and have been making this ever since. As the kids have grown older I have added garlic to the soup and a little salt and even on occasion cream/Orley […]

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