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On the evening of the 2 November 2105 I am hosting a 2 hour workshop, to help you learn to plan your weekly and monthly menus. Includes tips on planning for diets, fussy eaters and medical conditions such as diabetes. Seating is limited, and booking is essential. Cost is R 350.00 per person Tea will be […]

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I have been ‘meal-planning’ on and off for about 6 months, but only in the last 3 months have I been doing it properly. In that time, our food bill, with the help of online shopping, is down about 15%. The other bonus seems to be my nemesis, the ever shrinking waist bands of my […]

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I own it! The importance of simply staying in control of your kitchen cupboard and the freezer, can’t be emphasized enough in helping you stay in control of your budget. Kitchen Inventory I am following a blog called storage solutions 101 and in it the writer, Taylor Spalding Flanery, wrote about decluttering your house and […]

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