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A taste of menu planning

Today I decided to give you an example of how I do my menu planning for an entire month. This is my first video blog, so I apologise for the unsteady hand, but after the 5th take I decided that you would forgive me. See the video below.

I have a basic template and am showing you my dinner one.

Monday:  Meat Free

Tuesday: International dish or a new recipe

Wednesday: Meal must be ready to eat within 30 minutes or less

Thursday: Mince

Friday: Soup, salad, meat/chicken, 1 starch and 2 vegetables, desert

Saturday: Leftovers, if there are any

Sunday: Eggs

Then you start plotting!  You can choose to first plan the things that don’t require explanations, like leftovers and eggs.

Then write down your mince ideas.  We do bolognaise, chilli con carne (without the chili), cottage pie, sloppy joes, mince pie, and tacos. You can repeat these often as most kids love mince. http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/index.php/recipes/basic-mince-recipe/

Meat free is usually, fish and/or pasta, sometimes soya. http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/index.php/mac-and-cheese-surprise/

Ready in 30 minutes can also mean food that has been cooked in a slow cooker from the morning, so it is ready as soon as you are.

Eggs night is almost my favourite meal as I don’t cook!  My kids and hubby take turns.

Left over night, is when you open the fridge door and see something that has been cooked, or opened, during the week and not been eaten!  My family knows not to take food out of the fridge without asking first.   They also know which food is in the fridge for them to eat at any time.

When you need more detail, you write the menu onto a weekly planner and you can go into more detail.

I hope this helps you all with your menu planning.

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