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Black Friday or Red Holiday?

Black Friday is one of the best times of the year for bargains and bulk shopping. Yet I have to wonder if it is worth the hassle?

Shopping Frenzy
The Black Friday shopping Frenzy. Are you brave enough?

How much is too much

Since it is right before payday, where does the money come from? Are businesses paying their staff early, or are people taking out loans to be able to shop?

If you are taking out a loan, there is a good chance that you will be in debt for December and January.

Starting your holiday and new year in the red is probably not the best way to begin a year.

Is the discount worth it?

I believe that if something is not 20% or more on Black Friday then it isn’t really worth the crowds. Stores often have 20% off sales during the year. They want to get rid of out of season stock. Make space for new stock or get rid of stock that isn’t selling.

I do shop on Black Friday, I still use a shopping list and only buy what I really need. Last year I managed to buy a few items that are only coming to an end now.

The best things to buy on Black Friday

When buying large appliances or big-ticket items, clothing, and groceries Black Friday is a win.  Black Friday sales in non-retail businesses may seem as if the company is a little too desperate for work. I did consider offering a Black Friday special, however, I know my cost is already quite low so I decided against it.

I am happy to take advantage of companies that do offer specials for non-retail, why not if it is saving me money.

Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving in the USA, which is the 3rd Thursday in November, this day is usually nowhere near payday.

If we really want to get the most out of these deals, we should all probably start saving in January!


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