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Do you measure up?

It’s Thursday and I am checking to see how I measured up to my menu plan for the week.

This week was better than last week for nearly going according to plan.

Last Thursday night I made a mushroom and red pepper sauce for the vegetarian nuggets, which I served over couscous. Though the sauce tasted a little bland to me, there were no leftovers. No recipe as it is still a work in progress.

mushroom and chicken nuggets

Friday night, of course, is a little more special. We started with baby marrow soup, main course was a beef stew with the vegetables included and I made pasta rice (as per request of my kids) and salad.  Dessert was, as always, jelly and canned fruit salad. I very rarely make proper desert unless I am on leave, or have the day off work. The meat was goulash, with frozen stew mix and a packet of pnp minestrone soup and water!

beef stew and vegetables with pasta rice and cherry jelly
beef stew and vegetables with pasta rice and cherry jelly

Saturday night is a help yourself night and if there are leftovers they are finished then.  My supper was fish paste on toast!

We had hot beef on rye at my parent’s for Sunday lunch, so eggs and toast for supper.


I like to use the meat free Mondays as an excuse to make something vegetarian and the menu plan called for herbed spaghetti. We actually had it! This is a delicious and easy recipe but not good if you are dieting, as it uses butter, oil and cheese. http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/index.php/recipes/herb-spaghetti/

Herb Spaghetti
Herb Spaghetti

Tuesday night is always a meat meal.  I use mince on a Tuesday, experimenting with different ways to use mince meat opens up a lot of new recipes that I would not normally think of doing. The menu plan said “beef and mushroom risotto”. The risotto was made with mince, butternut squash and button mushrooms.  Usually, with a risotto, you use white wine.  I assumed that this was not a problem as I knew I had a bottle of white in the fridge. Wrong!  The bottle of white turned out to be a rose and, though I searched high and low, I could only find red wines. So I used the rose and it was fine, a bit sweeter than a white would have been because not only was it a rose, it was a concord wine, which is a sweeter wine made with grapes which are usually used as table grapes, or to flavour grape sweets. It worked out perfectly. I had asked my domestic to dice a butternut, (this is the only instruction I had written down).  I got home to find that not only had she done as asked, she was now cooking the butternut!  Thank goodness she had only just started!  I honestly thought when the cooking was done that I had made too much and I would have leftovers. No such animal in my house! http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/index.php/recipes/beef-butternut-and-mushroom-risotto/

Beef, butternut and mushroom risotto
Beef, butternut and mushroom risotto

Wednesday night is my beading class, so dinner must be served by 6:30 at the latest, as my class begins at 7:30. The menu plan said pasta, spinach and mushroom. This is a one pot dish and very easy and quick.  I opened my freezer only to find the bag of spinach that I know I had in there and found no spinach! I opened my fridge and realised I forgot to go buy the mushrooms for supper! Now I had a problem!  I had 30 minutes to make and eat supper and I still need to set up for the class. I served probably the most amateur meal ever; crumbed fish fingers, crumbed vegetable hash browns and I made quick garlic breads from 2 hot dog rolls, one with cheese and one without. The only colour on the plate came from the tomato sauce my son insists on pouring over almost everything I serve (he at least has learnt that good manners dictate, you taste the food first before adjusting it to your taste) and the lettuce and cucumber in the salad. Once again, not a crumb left! No recipe as this all comes from a box, except the garlic bread.http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/index.php/recipes/garlic-bread/

Emergency meal, fish fingers, hash browns and garlic bread
Emergency meal, fish fingers, hash browns and garlic bread

Tonight we are having boerewors kebabs with baked potatoes; I will let you know next week, how that turns out.

Monday to Friday I post pictures of each meal and you will find the recipes on the blog if I have made something new or from scratch.

Share your meals with us as well as your kitchen disasters and triumphs.


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