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Fourth Force

Today is May 4th and the traditional greeting, for those in the know, is “May the fourth be with you.” By, in the know, I mean those who are Star Wars fans.

May the fourth be with you
May the fourth be with you

Now, I have one of those living in my house and it got me thinking, what do you call these fans? Star Trek has ‘Trekkies’, but this seems to be the only movie that has an official name for their fan club. Even the cult classic Rocky Horror doesn’t have a name for the millions of fanatics that have watched this movie untold times.

Fan club names seem to be for music; Justin Bieber fans-Beliebers, Beyoncé -Beehives, Slipknot -Maggots and, lest I forget the One Direction fans, –Directioners (got one of those in my house too). All have their fan names, some are fun and some are just weird.

As I write this one of the fanatics in my house is watching (on VHS, no less) the original trilogy. He has downloaded the game and religiously watches the episodes, collects the figurines and has now asked for cufflinks and a tie clip and, if possible, an actual tie!

So while watching the original video, he is also reading the book!
So while watching the original video, he is also reading the book!

I know there are lots of other mad fans out there, so how do you go about giving a group a name, one that reflects the passion these fans have for which ever craze they are following?

I thought it might be fun to put our heads together and try to give the Star Wars fans a name. I thought of the name Jedi’s but that’s so boring and what happens if you are a fan of Chewbakka and not the knights, or a fan of R2D2, or even C3PO? You can’t call them enforcers because that has such a negative sound and the movie is about helping out other worlds and keeping the peace.

May the force be with you
May the force be with you

I welcome all suggestions. This is just for the fun so no prizes, but who knows maybe your name choice will be the one that sticks!

Let’s hear those names and ‘May the force be with you’

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