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Fridge and Freezer lost and found

If you can’t remember what you had for supper last week, why not take a peek into the back of your fridge? I often used to find interesting specimens growing in the containers, even an onion, or two, sprouting!

Do you have old leftovers?
Do you have old leftovers? http://www.javabird.com

What do you have?  A chest freezer or an upright? Even with the best of intentions, things get lost in the ice! It is also a good time to take stock!

What’s lurking on the top of your fridge? I am quite short and I often use the space above my fridge for storage and I used to get this cleaned only once a year, just before Passover. It was like being at a store, the amazing things I would find up there.


Often lurking in the back of your fridge are bottles of something that you opened, used a little and then forgot about. I have an onion saver and occasionally I will use only ½ an onion and put the other half in the container into the fridge to use another day. Weeks later I will find it pushed to the back.  When I open it, it has started growing!

Before I began meal planning and took over the cooking from my domestic, we had a lot of left-overs.  These would sit in the fridge for weeks, as the kids weren’t interested in the unappetising food as a second meal, and nobody ever cleared out the fridge!

Thankfully, since I took over the cooking and I plan our meals for the month, we not only no longer have leftovers, we don’t have much waste either, as I only buy what is needed for the meal plan. http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/index.php/2016/02/09/meal-and-menu-planning-made-easy/, I Plan

Day 2, 3 and 4

I have combined these days as it can take a while to get this done properly.

Clearing out the freezer

Clearing out your freezer can be an adventure. I have always been told that if you have a chest freezer, you lose a lot produce in it. As part of my foray into trying to cut down on how much I spend on groceries each month, I cleared out my freezer, as well as the fridge and grocery cupboard and did an inventory. I found the most amazing things. I normally clear out my freezer once a year for Passover. In fact the entire kitchen gets well cleaned, but it never really got sorted.  I literally went shopping in my own kitchen and only went to the shop for milk, bread and fresh fruit. I had enough food for 3 whole weeks! How long has it been for you?

Cleaning out your freezer will save you money!
Cleaning out your freezer will save you money!

Take an inventory

Last week one of our tasks was to inventory the grocery cupboard.  This week we are taking inventory of the freezer.  You can use the contents to plan your meals for the next few days. http://I own my kitchen

Defrost the freezer

Don’t forget to defrost your freezer before packing everything back in.  With your newly defrosted fridge/freezer you can now pack everything in an easy to find way.

I found this article on how to defrost your freezer.


Friday Passover begins, so I take this opportunity to wish all my Jewish followers and readers a Chag Kosher L’Pesach!

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