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It’s in the bag- the handbag!

Sorting handbags

Are you one of those people who have a different handbag depending on your outfit or shoes? I am not!  If it wasn’t necessary to carry one, I wouldn’t.   I have two (possibly more buried somewhere), one that I use and one that is for when this one eventually gives in, which so far hasn’t happened. It obviously must be a really good handbag!

are you a bag a day kinda girl?
are you a bag a day kinda girl?

My mother, on the other hand, changes her bags regularly and is always well dressed and groomed. She looks on her handbag as an accessory to what she is wearing, much the same as jewellery. I don’t, (my poor suffering mom)!

Treasure hunting in the handbag

I remember one day, I must have been about 14 or so, we needed some cash and my mom didn’t have any money on her.  I can’t remember why she couldn’t go to the bank (It was before ATM’s and Cell phone banking). Together we took down all her handbags from the cupboard and systematically emptied them until we had the money, not sure how much but it was enough for what we needed.

I only have one bag but I often have to dig around and it is amazing what you can find in there; money, makeup, medication, plasters and even my lost store card!

Everything and the kitchen sink!
Everything and the kitchen sink!

It is time to clean those bags out, but don’t just stick to handbags.

There is plenty of lost stationery and tuck shop money to be found in school bags, and even briefcases!

All of these, besides being emptied, should, where possible, be washed, or the insides wiped really well, especially school bags which often have food and drink spills in them.

Not as empty as you thought

I empty my wallet/purse out on a regular basis and all my till slips go into a box in my office for adding up later. I counted 20 different cards in mine; gift cards with only R5 on, store cards, loyalty cards, as well as credit and debit cards.

Card any one?
Card any one?

I have decided that any money that I find in my bag which isn’t in my wallet, will go into the charity box. Another idea is to put it in a money box for your family and see what it adds up to after a couple of months.  This will include money found in pockets, before doing the washing!

Let’s see those handbags, ladies!

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