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My Cupboard Adventure

I took my own advice this week and Konmari’d my cupboard!

I definitely owned far too many clothes, some of which date back a minimum of 11 years and some even older!

The hardest part about this was that a few of the things I really liked but don’t fit into anymore. I didn’t throw everything out!

I have a favourite white linen outfit that I have worn once a year on Yom Kippur, for the last, I forget how many years. That was not going anywhere! I also kept two dresses that once again nearly fit me, 2 kg more and they will fit perfectly.

Any clothes with stains that I loved, went into the wash with stain remover.  If it didn’t come out, it was put into the box! Anything I didn’t absolutely love also went into the box.

I improvised a new hanger system for clothes that couldn’t hang properly.


I folded my drawers the way the Konmari method suggested and it definitely works.

I still have to do my hats and scarves and my shoes, then it is all done!

The boxes are full and waiting to go to charity and Jumble, they are stored outside.  I will only sort this once I have got my husband to sort his cupboard and go through the kids cupboards as well.

I am not surprised the Konmari method recommended starting with your cupboards first. It wasn’t that hard to do, even with the few clothes that I have an emotional attachment to.

We may never be short of hangers again!

When was the last time you cleaned out your clothes cupboards? I would love to hear how you do your sorting.

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