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Not a lot going on!

As you will read in this post, there’s not a whole lot going on!

These last few weeks have been interesting. I have not had a meal plan for December and I am already spending more money.   I am not sure if it is the holiday feeling, or the fact that I am shopping without a shopping list, or a combination of factors.

No shopping list this time
No shopping list this time

The reason I did not draw up a meal plan was because I felt that with only one week in December where I had a semi-full house, I could  go week by week  and I have already had to throw out food that I didn’t cook.

My son was a way for the first week.  He and a few friends went to Natal South Coast to celebrate the end of their school careers (not Rage). He returned for one night and the next morning, he and my two older girls left for summer camp for three weeks.

Now it is down to just three of us. So forgetting about a plan, we went to the shops where I bought food that is a luxury and not a necessity and spent about R100 more than I should have. I even bought ready peeled and cut fruit!

This past week I also had something happen that hasn’t happened in months!  The milk turned sour because there are only two people having cereal in the morning!

This Shabbat I actually had meat left over from Friday to use as a cold lunch for Saturday and there was some for my husband’s sandwiches for work!

I am even thinking that  we will possibly have a braai with actual chops and steak, as I will only need to buy 3 or 4 pieces of each instead of 10! A change from braaing chicken and burger patties!

I will also need to cook and freeze as the mince I ordered is packed for when we are 6.  So I will cook the mince and then have to freeze half to use later.

My house is so quiet; I haven’t had any “One Direction” songs playing at full blast from one room, competing with the radio and a sing- along from another room, and minus the sounds of Star War video games going from a third room!

My youngest daughter, who decided not to go to camp this year, is flitting around.  She is able to play her video game without competition which she is enjoying.  She is also playing ‘musical beds’ and sleeping in a different sibling’s bed each night as she says it makes her miss them less.

I got up one morning last week to do a load of washing, and there wasn’t enough to warrant it! I normally do 2 or 3 loads a day!

I haven’t even used the dishwasher the last few days, as we haven’t had enough dishes to wash!

I am going to sit down with my youngest to see what we want to eat each night for supper.  As my husband will eat anything, he doesn’t really get to choose, his favourite being spaghetti bolognaise.

Choosing meals for our meal plan
Choosing meals for our meal plan

It is going to be an interesting 3 weeks trying to cook less than half of what I would normally make for each meal.

Have a happy, meaningful and safe festive season, and be sure to check out my posts on the use of car seats and seatbelts, using a cell phone while driving and drowning prevention.

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