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Picture photos

The final task for August is probably the hardest one of all – sorting old photos.

Photos tell a story, what’s yours?

‘A picture says a thousand words.’ This is so true and as you page through old fashioned photo albums or scroll through your phone, the memories and stories that pictures evoke is hard to match.

Hands up, those of you who have a box of loose photos that haven’t made it into an album. Do you have a backup of the photos on your computer or phone? Time and again we hear of people crying over their lost phones, not because of the inconvenience, but because all those pictures have been lost.

Do you know who is in your pictures?

Going through the loose photos, do you know who is in them? I have a box filled with photos and, even though on some of them my mother has written who it is on the back, these are not people I remember and certainly not people who my children know. It is time to get tough with yourself.

Go through these photos and know that this will definitely take more than 15 minutes. If you don’t know the people in the photos and there are no names, put it aside to ask a family member or friend.  If no one can help you then you need to decide to throw it away or scan it into your computer to keep.

This is a hard task

Start with really old pictures first.  This is often a very emotional and difficult task, so have patience with yourself and tissues – lots of tissues.

Once you have scanned in all the pictures you want to keep, you need to go through all the pictures on the computer and delete the ones that are blurry and out of focus. Your next step is putting all the ones you want to keep either onto disc, or a memory stick, or even better if you know how, get cloud storage. This way if you have, heaven forbid, a fire or a robbery or your computer crashes, you won’t have lost your pictures. The same can be done with items on your phone.


Make a collage of old photos and frame them on the wall as a beautiful way to remember loved ones. Another great option for photos is scrapbooking, it is a way to create memories and also to ensure people know what the pictures are about. http://www.scrapbookden.co.za/

What have you done with yours?

Have you ever lost all your pictures on your phone? Do you backup your phone? How have you stored your pictures?


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