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Folding washing basket

Do you spend a part of your morning picking up washing from different parts of the house? How close to the laundry basket does the dirty washing get? Last year I introduced small washing baskets into each bedroom, as well as the ones already in the bathrooms and for the most part the dirty clothes […]

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Your laundry room Where do you do your laundry? Do you have a laundry room or do you have laundry equipment in the kitchen? Wherever it is, it needs to be organised. How often does your washing machine get cleaned?  Are your washing detergents organised? Do you have old expired bleach? Believe it or not, […]

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For most of us in South Africa, who have domestic help, December can be a very difficult time, for this is usually when most domestic workers go on their annual leave. Usually for 3 weeks at least For some, it is a time to realise how much this employee does for you and how much […]

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