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What do you have?

What do you have? 1
Did you get new things this year?

What do you have in your home that is new? The new year is well on its way and in December you probably bought some big ticket item or got a really nice expensive gift. January was the beginning of the school year and in February Universities start up again and for this reason, you possibly bought a laptop or tablet.

Can you replace it?

What do you have that should be insured, but probably isn’t, because you have forgotten about it? Do you even know what there is? An accurate accounting of your household would be a huge help in the replacing of items.

I know I wouldn’t be able to. While the year is still young and new purchases are fresh in your mind, it seems like it may be a good time to take stock. http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/do-you-have-one-of-these/


With a pen and paper or your phone on record, take a walk through your home. Look at each room and take inventory of what you have.

With the fires raging in the Cape in these recent weeks a lot of people lost their homes and possessions. The unenviable task of replacing everything destroyed by the fires has now begun.

With technology as advanced as it is, you now have the opportunity to record what you have and keep it digitally safe.

From the inventory, you will be able to decide what should be insured under general and also what needs to be insured separately and specifically.

Can you replace your things?
Not everything needs to be insured

Is it insured?

We all keep hearing stories of people who have lost something or everything and the insurance hasn’t paid out enough. Most often, this is due to us under insuring our valuables.

Portion this task out to members of the family. No need to put the values on immediately. Allocate a room to each family member and then ask them to write down everything in that room.

A simple list works well or you could have a detailed one, maybe even down to how many towels, sheets or tablecloths you own.

That inventory list not only tells what you have but as a result, it may also tell you what you probably no longer need!

Do you know what you have?

Do you have tablecloths that you have inherited? Extra long tables or unusually shaped tables often mean that you need special tablecloths. These usually come at an extra cost. Are they on your inventory list?

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