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What’s Cooking

What’s cooking?

Getting rid of cooking books is really difficult for me; I never know when I am going to want to try something different. I even have two books, with recipes for one or two people; from before I got married, and that is over 20 years ago, I haven’t cooked for two people in more than 18 years now.

It is time to put your recipe sorting into place, for papers and magazine pull outs, punch and file according to the system you feel will work for you or write them into a book. Then toss the paper into the recycling bin.

For old recipe books, copy out the recipes you actually use and either put them in a pile to donate to charity or if you have the space, clean them up a little and put them neatly on a shelf, it doesn’t matter what shelf as you won’t be using them again, they are now for display purposes only.

Only recipe books I use are on this shelf and in my kitchen for easy access
Only recipe books I use are on this shelf and in my kitchen for easy access

It’s time to take everything you have decluttered out of your house and down to the charity you have chosen to donate to.

Once the recipe book section of your kitchen has been sorted, it is time to move on to the bigger tasks.

This weekend you need to get a housekeeping file, as it is time to start planning how you are going to keep the house clean once you have decluttered.

You can get a book for this, but since you are going to be able to download and print a lot of resource tools off Kashering Your Life’s site, a file with dividers and sleeves will work best. If you are going to be using a book, rather than printing, get a hardcover, so that it will last the year.

Next week we start scheduling! Do you have a schedule that works for you? If so please share some of your tips. Why not join us now on Facebook? https://www.facebook.com/groups/gettingsorted/

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