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Pesach is coming!

Pesach is almost here

Pesach happens every year and yet; how the speed at which it arrives has so many of us running in panic.

Last year, for me for the first time, there was no panic and, as expensive as Pesach is, the cost was spread out over 3 months.

The reason for this is the ingenuity of a few ladies. The first is Lindy Fohrman and her WhatsApp group called Prep for Pesach.  

This group was started 5 years ago and has grown tremendously.  There are 2 other admins on the group, as well as 2 Telegram groups for Pesach Recipes and Pesach shopping.

It started in 2017 and was very useful , even though I didn’t use it to its full potential.  In 2018 I used her weekly postings and Pesach arrived with about half the stress it normally does.

The posts start in January and even though it seems so far away and that prepping for Pesach in January seems illogical, it works.

Starting off with a small school note book, which you can use each year to make notes of suppliers you found.  After Pesach you make a list of the non-perishables you can use for the next year as you will already have them in your Pesach cupboard.

Week 1

The first week starts off with checking your kitchen for food items that need to be used up before Pesach.

Planning for Pesach

This is where meal planning works well.  Having an inventory of everything, allows you to create meals with what you already have.  It avoids wasting food that would need to be thrown out just before Pesach.

The next is to look at your disposables;  items such as tin foil, plastic wrap, storage bags and disposable cutlery and plates that get taken to work during Pesach.

Check you appliances and replace or repair what you can. I have a simple gas stove for Pesach so I have had my tanks refilled now and won’t have to worry about there being a shortage when the rush starts or running out half way through cooking. This has happened previously.

Also, if possible,  try and put away a little money each week in preparation for that big final shop!

Week 2

In the second week Lindy reminds us to buy our toiletries; items such as mouthwash , toothpaste and new toothbrushes.

Also it is time to measure your kitchen counters to buy the plastic you are going to use with which to cover them.  If you have precut tops for your counters that can be reused, make sure the ants haven’t gotten in and that they are not damaged.

Week 3

Week three and it is time to buy candles for Yom Tov and Shabbat as well as Yartzheit candle, matches and lighters.

If you haven’t been able to keep the dish towels from the previous year then now is time to do so. Sponges and scourers cannot be kept from year to year.  Sponges in general should be changed monthly.  See my article on general kitchen hygiene. http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/is-your-kitchen-actually-clean/

Buy your tissues and serviettes now and also start checking to see that you have enough wine and drinking glasses.

With just under 3 weeks to Pesach, it’s time to start buying now.  I will post week 4,5 & 6 helpful tips next week.

If you would like to join the group here is the linkhttps://chat.whatsapp.com/KyOHa32nMsH654utqjsXxT.  There is no commenting allowed on the group and only admins can post.

How ready are you for Pesach?

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