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Wuhu Deals is my second favourite money saving app! Want to read more about coupons? http://kasheringyourlife.co.za/couponing-south-africa/ Wuhu Deals used to be known as Unilever Deals as it is their products on offer. The app has two ways to reward you. Either with a cash discount at the till or you can earn points towards airtime, […]

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South Africa doesn’t coupon! We are far too advanced for that! We use apps! Most South Africans haven’t got time to sit and cut out coupons. I have to admit I do prefer the apps as we already have too much litter on the streets. Couponing helps you get your home sorted by making sure […]

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Couponing in SA

Do we have coupons? Couponing is big business in the USA, reality shows abound on this topic. Here in South Africa though, we don’t really have coupons. Years ago we got coupons in our subscription magazines and the weekly local papers. Those days are gone. Except for PnP VIP vouchers for senior citizens (only available […]

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