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Money management

Creating a grocery budget is an important step to reducing debt How to start Before I even meet with potential clients, I ask them to estimate their monthly grocery bill. This includes not only food but also house cleaning products and toiletries. The reason for this is that we generally by all these products together. […]

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Online shopping

Here are 10 reasons to grocery shop on line. In June 2015 I started this blog and in the first article I spoke about how much I saved with online shopping.  Nearly 2 years later, I can still say it is worth the hassle. Yes it was a huge learning curve on how to do […]

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Due to the Jewish holidays I haven’t been posting as I would like I and where we should be moving on to week 6, we are only covering week 4. Last post in the financial freedom series covered facing your money fears.  This week we look at being honest about your money. You have analysed […]

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In part 3 of this Road to Financial Freedom series, we will look at facing your money fears and changing them to positive statements. The truth is that we do need money to survive but we don’t need it to live. We spend our money on fixing things that are broken but we don’t fix […]

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