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Keep your Credit ratings up

‘Cash is king’: If you always pay cash, you don’t get into debt. Somewhere along the way, this has been forgotten. I know I was aware of it before my children were born. Pay Cash My father never bought anything on credit except his house; I think my parents bought their first car on credit […]

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Money management

There are no quick fixes in getting out of debt. Whether you are doing it yourself or with an advisor, getting out of debt will take time. Depending on the amount of debt, it could take weeks, months or even years. Debt snowballing, quick method to small debt One of the quickest methods, when doing […]

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Post Image

Due to the Jewish holidays I haven’t been posting as I would like I and where we should be moving on to week 6, we are only covering week 4. Last post in the financial freedom series covered facing your money fears.  This week we look at being honest about your money. You have analysed […]

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