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Credit ratings

Credit ratings Your credit ratings are based on how well you pay your debt! Paying your instalments on time, and in full, increases your credit rating. At the same time though, having no debt decreases your credit rating. So how do you maintain a good credit rating when you don’t want to have any debt? […]

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Debt cents is another way to begin lowering what you currently owe. It may take longer than the debt snowballing I previously wrote about. Debt free for R40 per month extra What is debt cents Debts cents is where you take your minimum monthly repayment on any current debts and round it up to the nearest […]

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Do you want to be debt free? I know I do. About 5 years ago I came across a man name Dave Ramsay. What he had to say about getting out of debt made so much sense. Though he was talking about the USA, a lot of his techniques translate relatively well for South Africa. […]

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While researching the budget section of my blog, I came across the R1 family, a social experiment together with Sanlam. When I spoke to my mom and editor, she remembered that in 2014 Sanlam ran the R1 man experiment for the first time.   I watched the R1 man (name unknown) and the R1 family […]

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