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Who are you?

Once again I am on assignment, to improve my blogging skills and make your reading experience better.


Assignment number 4 was to write a blog to our ideal reader and include a new element. We needed to identify who this reader was.


My ideal readers are people like me. It is for every South African who wants to make their lives a little less stressful.

party snack food

I enjoy cooking, so I follow a lot of cooking blogs and Facebook groups on cooking. My house needs organising, so I follow blogs and pages on those topics. I need to save money, spend less and eat healthily, so I follow blogs and pages on saving and losing weight. Yet with all these blogs I struggle.


Most recipes have to be adapted from Imperial (US) to Metric, (almost all the rest of the world). Sometimes it was just too much work, and if I feel that way then so do a lot of others. The ingredients are also not the same, Shallots are spring onions, Kale is spinach and spinach is baby spinach, the list goes on.

winter vs summer

Organising my house, while the blogs talk about getting ready for summer vacation, I am looking for hats and scarves. They’re cleaning out the basement and the Attic, I am not sure I have ever seen either in a South African home. We do Xmas in summer so no snowmen for us. Independence Day is not in July it’s in September and called Heritage Day or National Braai (barbecue) Day!

braai day

Saving money by using your coupons? We don’t really have that here. We have Pick n Pay which offer smart shopper points and coupons only if you are over 65 and only for a Hypermarket, Vitality and momentum points to be earned at Pick n Pay (Vitality is at Woolworths too). Ezee coupons, which are the app for Checkers, that almost no one knows about and Groupon, which doesn’t apply to groceries and neither does Takealot.com.

smart shopper card

I believe Amazon finally has started delivering to South Africa. Do any South Africans know what Swagbucks are?

swag bucks

Costco, Walmart, Asda, Ikea? Who are they? We have Makro (which I believe is part of Walmart the group), Cash and Carry (but I don’t know anyone who has been there recently and then I think we are done with superstores. Hypermarket, Hyperama, Game are the next big sized store.

Walmart  Makro

OLX is similar to Craigslist, eBay is popular, but South Africans who use online markets are not the majority. Almost nobody has heard of Etsy.

Our schools start at 7:45, our jobs at 8:30, a large majority of middle and upper class families have domestic workers, either part time or full time, whether the mom is a stay at home or not.

6 am

This is the South African lifestyle; it is different from the rest of the world. This is why I felt I needed to write a blog just for us.


I do add a Jewish element to the blog as this is who I am, so all my recipes follow kosher food laws and never mix milk and meat in the same dish. I will write about upcoming Jewish holidays, but I will also write about non Jewish holidays.


To see what I like follow this link to my pins on Pintrest: https://www.pinterest.com/adiesdesigns/moms-helpers/


I really hope that people like me, ordinary South Africans looking to make their lives simpler, find my blog useful and join me in my journey to ordering my chaos.

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